torsdag 24. juli 2008


Troll or santa claus.....;-)
Enough about trolls for now.
When we get closer to christmas I will show you some other, easy made, things using cernit.
* * *
Next time I will tell you about another hobby.
See you soon. ;-)

mandag 21. juli 2008



In Norwegian fairy-tales, trolls do have a special place. They live in forest and mountains. Some are giants and some small. They have long crooked noses, large ears and most of them have long bushy tails. They have only four fingers and four toes on each limb. There are also stories about two or three headed trolls. Some are evil, some good, and others even brings good luck.
The ones I make are all happy, kindhearted and friendly trolls. ;-)
I make the head, hands and feet out of cernit clay. Cernit is a modelling clay with porcelain finish. It is soft and easy to work with. Cernit is also a popular clay among dollmakers.
I knit and sew the clothes.
I also use wooden roots with many of my trolls.

These trolls are large ones, measures approx. 35-40 cm

wooden roots

I find wooden roots, by a lake, that I use with many of my trolls.
This is a photo taken years ago - but I wanted to show you this great place, with lots of roots.
* *


Some hands and feet are made.
They have been "baked" in the oven and are now ready to be used on trolls..
As you can see I have made a hole in each one - this is where I attach the body with thick wire. Two troll-heads

heads and a small troll

two-headed with hair. Just needs the last finish on coloring the eyes, then it is ready to get his body and clothes.***
This is going to be a small happy troll. The next step is to put the hair on the head – I use wool from sheeps (sheepskin).

* * *
Here is a small one I made long time ago. He is about 15 cm tall

søndag 20. juli 2008 creative.. new blog in english
This blog is going to be mostly about my hobbies, and will be written only in english.
* * *