tirsdag 14. oktober 2008

mice out of nuts..

Voila....som mice made out of nuts.. ;-)

nutty mice - how to..

These nutty mice are easy to make, and does not need much explaining…you can actually see "how to"...from the pictures.
First I glue the 2 nuts together (hazelnuts)
(look at the photos to see the way I have glued them).
I like using a glue-gun on this…because it sticks instantly. Then I glue small tassels for the feet(2 or 4), 2 for ears and one for the tail.

..photo from the back...so you can see the little tail. :-)

nutty mice

Then you paint the eyes.
The dress is made of ribbon. I like the ribbon that has a thin wire on the edges (because then I can just pull the wire so the ribbons wrinkles nicely).
I cut a piece of the ribbon, approx. 10-12 cm (4-5 inch), put the two ends together and sew a seem. If the ribbon does not have wire, you just slip stitch along the upper edge….then pull the thread ends, so it makes nice wrinkles on the ribbon. Fasten it around the “neck” (between the two nuts).

nutty mice

I also made one out of larger nuts (walnuts)…glued on a hat and a tie, and wooden shoes (that I painted black). For arms I just used a pipecleaner.

onsdag 8. oktober 2008


Necklace with pendant.....lots of swarovski..(if you "click" on the image you can see it better)
As I probably have told you before...I love Swarovskis.. :-D