onsdag 28. oktober 2009

last ones...

Last pair of wrist-warmers.

torsdag 6. august 2009

crochet work...

I made this LARGE white "table-cloth" with angels on...years ago.....
my plan was to color it (maybe blue??)...I did not really like it when it was finished, so I put it aside and forgot all about it....until today.
It is actually made for a round table - which I don´t have outside. :-)

mandag 22. juni 2009

long necklace

I made another long necklace. This one is with even larger beads and more "dull" (not as shiny), as the first one I made.

* * *

fredag 12. juni 2009

finally a necklace..

I made a long necklace with a big heart on. :-)
Used different sizes on the beads, and two different chains.
The colors are white and silver.
I really love the look and shine of these beads.
* * *

mandag 23. mars 2009


Finally some photos of the wrist-warmers I have knitted.
I have decorated two pairs with buttons, two pairs with crochet flowers....and the last two pairs are just kept plain.
I don´t have a pattern for these...as I have knitted so many - it´s all in my head. ;-)

fredag 23. januar 2009

knitted pants..

I actually startet these white pants last year...but was not able to finish it until now. It is a bit wide in the waist...so I will put some elastic on it.

..knitted pants..

This is the same as the one below...just a bit smaller and different colors.

mandag 12. januar 2009


Knitting is also one of my hobbies, that I really like.
Have not been able to knit for months (because of my arm) - so I´ll just show you a few photos of things I have knitted earlier. (If you have visited my other blog, you might have seen these before)Hopefully I can start knitting again sooon. I really miss it.
Babyblanket, jacket and socks, that I knitted for my grandchild.

6 pairs of socks I have knitted. Love this colorful yarn.