mandag 12. januar 2009


Knitting is also one of my hobbies, that I really like.
Have not been able to knit for months (because of my arm) - so I´ll just show you a few photos of things I have knitted earlier. (If you have visited my other blog, you might have seen these before)Hopefully I can start knitting again sooon. I really miss it.
Babyblanket, jacket and socks, that I knitted for my grandchild.

6 pairs of socks I have knitted. Love this colorful yarn.

3 kommentarer:

Irene sa...

Oj-Oj, så lekkert arbeid!

mia.t sa...

You have made such wonderful things! Thank you so much for the knitted flowers that I got, I love them!!!!

Lots of Hugs

ribenaruby sa...

You are so talented Elin, love all the creativity on both your blogs! I've left you something on my blog.