torsdag 4. desember 2008

decoration for the wall..

This one is going to hang inside in my livingroom. Since I did not take the effort to finish my calendar, I have used the figures on this decoration.

* * *
some closeups..

my nutty tree..

This is how my tree of nuts turned out. As you can see I don´t like to decorate too much - I kind of like it "plain and simple". I have just used some gold wire with stars on, turned it around several times. I have also glued on some cones. Wondering if I should have a star on the top..??..
* * *

onsdag 3. desember 2008

a ball and a tree - easy made

Okey - this is how it turned out. Easy to make, and it looks nice...?.. ;-)
The "ball" is ready to hang in a window maybe...the "tree" I am not sure yet.....but I will decorate it a little bit.

tirsdag 14. oktober 2008

mice out of nuts..

Voila....som mice made out of nuts.. ;-)

nutty mice - how to..

These nutty mice are easy to make, and does not need much explaining…you can actually see "how to"...from the pictures.
First I glue the 2 nuts together (hazelnuts)
(look at the photos to see the way I have glued them).
I like using a glue-gun on this…because it sticks instantly. Then I glue small tassels for the feet(2 or 4), 2 for ears and one for the tail. from the you can see the little tail. :-)

nutty mice

Then you paint the eyes.
The dress is made of ribbon. I like the ribbon that has a thin wire on the edges (because then I can just pull the wire so the ribbons wrinkles nicely).
I cut a piece of the ribbon, approx. 10-12 cm (4-5 inch), put the two ends together and sew a seem. If the ribbon does not have wire, you just slip stitch along the upper edge….then pull the thread ends, so it makes nice wrinkles on the ribbon. Fasten it around the “neck” (between the two nuts).

nutty mice

I also made one out of larger nuts (walnuts)…glued on a hat and a tie, and wooden shoes (that I painted black). For arms I just used a pipecleaner.

onsdag 8. oktober 2008


Necklace with pendant.....lots of swarovski..(if you "click" on the image you can see it better)
As I probably have told you before...I love Swarovskis.. :-D

torsdag 4. september 2008


The "cake" has 3 rows of diapers, so it is quite large.
You can also exchange some of the diapers with clothes..and/or add toys or something to decorate.

* * *

My grandchilds name is Tuva.

The letters are grungeboard, painted with dabbers, and decorated with rubons.

* * *

I was asked to be "the guest artist", for the august issue, of the norwegian magazine Ett Trykk.
This is a diaper cake I made for my daughter (after she gave birth to my first grandchild, in june this year).
Photos of the "cake" was also published in the magazine.
* * *
If you want to see more cards that were published, ..take a look at my other blog.. ;-)

fredag 15. august 2008

..Tengel the troll..

..."photoshoot" with Tengel the Troll... *lol*
He is approx. 70 cm tall - so he is a large troll.
He is carrying a little troll in his backpack.


Tengel exploring the tractor...

torsdag 14. august 2008

..Tengel the Troll..

Let me introduce you to Tengel the Troll. The first troll I ever made. He is all knitted (and a little bit crochet) without patterns, just using my imagination/fantasy.
He is a large troll - not the prettiest, but I still think he is a bit charming ;-)
He was made long time before I started making trolls with Cernit clay - and for all this years I have kept him...and still will. He has been living in our basement until last week, when he moved to our summerhouse. I will show you some more photos of him soon.

søndag 10. august 2008

beading with small beads..

I have made this one in several colors. Given away and sold some made with black beads....they were probably the most popular ones. They look really nice on.

lørdag 9. august 2008


LoooOOONG time ago I made this hat out of wool.
* * *
There is a small butterfly on the side, and a large one on the back. I have made them out of colored wool.
Wool is really fun to work with.

lørdag 2. august 2008

long double spiral necklace

This is not difficult to make, but it takes some time. Lots and lots of small beads (actually more than 3000 beads). Here I have used tiny, special thread for weaving. The clasp is just a loop and a top beaded bead.
I think this type of necklace has a special name - but I can´t remember...

bookmark and charm-bracelet

You can also make bookmarks with beads. ;-)
* * *

bracelet with lots of "charms" and metal beads on headpins.


These necklaces are made on wire with large beads.

torsdag 24. juli 2008


Troll or santa claus.....;-)
Enough about trolls for now.
When we get closer to christmas I will show you some other, easy made, things using cernit.
* * *
Next time I will tell you about another hobby.
See you soon. ;-)

mandag 21. juli 2008



In Norwegian fairy-tales, trolls do have a special place. They live in forest and mountains. Some are giants and some small. They have long crooked noses, large ears and most of them have long bushy tails. They have only four fingers and four toes on each limb. There are also stories about two or three headed trolls. Some are evil, some good, and others even brings good luck.
The ones I make are all happy, kindhearted and friendly trolls. ;-)
I make the head, hands and feet out of cernit clay. Cernit is a modelling clay with porcelain finish. It is soft and easy to work with. Cernit is also a popular clay among dollmakers.
I knit and sew the clothes.
I also use wooden roots with many of my trolls.

These trolls are large ones, measures approx. 35-40 cm

wooden roots

I find wooden roots, by a lake, that I use with many of my trolls.
This is a photo taken years ago - but I wanted to show you this great place, with lots of roots.
* *


Some hands and feet are made.
They have been "baked" in the oven and are now ready to be used on trolls..
As you can see I have made a hole in each one - this is where I attach the body with thick wire. Two troll-heads

heads and a small troll

two-headed with hair. Just needs the last finish on coloring the eyes, then it is ready to get his body and clothes.***
This is going to be a small happy troll. The next step is to put the hair on the head – I use wool from sheeps (sheepskin).

* * *
Here is a small one I made long time ago. He is about 15 cm tall

søndag 20. juli 2008 creative.. new blog in english
This blog is going to be mostly about my hobbies, and will be written only in english.
* * *