torsdag 14. august 2008

..Tengel the Troll..

Let me introduce you to Tengel the Troll. The first troll I ever made. He is all knitted (and a little bit crochet) without patterns, just using my imagination/fantasy.
He is a large troll - not the prettiest, but I still think he is a bit charming ;-)
He was made long time before I started making trolls with Cernit clay - and for all this years I have kept him...and still will. He has been living in our basement until last week, when he moved to our summerhouse. I will show you some more photos of him soon.

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tammy vitale sa...

Clicked over from desiree-kortogodt.blogspot, who I found through the Wylde Women award. I LOVE that you knitted this wonderful creature with your own pattern! How amazing!